Quail for supper

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One day a strange bird landed on the lawn, it seemed not to be injured or distressed and it allowed itself to be picked up. We didn’t know what bird it was so we took to a nearby bird sanctuary. We were told it was a quail, and that after rest, food and water it would recover.

We have since learned that flocks of migrating Quail sometimes cross the Red Sea and alight exhausted in the Sinai Desert, where they can easily be picked up, reminding us of the Bible account where the Lord fed the disgruntled Israelites.

Exodus 16 V11 The Lord said to Moses “I have heard the grumbling of the Israelites. Tell them at twilight, you will eat meat”

Exodus 16 V13 That evening, Quail covered the camp.

Unlike the Israelites in the desert, we were not hungry, so our quail lived another day.