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Betty on holiday

When my late wife Betty and I moved to Gressland Court eleven years ago, we brought with us two suitcases of photographs which we rarely looked at, and a cardboard box of colour slides which we never opened.

All of these photographs were taken on film, long before digital photography became the norm.

One evening recently, when nothing on the TV appealed to me, I thought it would be nice to dig out some of those old slides, with a view to having them digitized.

Not having the energy to rig up the heavy and long unused screen, I projected a few slides onto the lounge wall.

I was agreeably surprised how clear the pictures were, despite their age and the decidedly “off white” surface of the wall.

I photographed a few of them with my mobile phone, and the result surprised me even more. Here are a couple of examples.

There’s Betty in her Sunday best, and me afloat on the Dead Sea, two fifty-year old snapshots, now digitized for posterity. (I don’t think I will dispose of the box of old slides just yet!)

John in Dead Sea