Does anyone want a yacht?

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Many years ago when we lived at Chelmsford, Betty and I used to help in the Christian “Good News Tent” at the Essex Show (Sadly no longer held). The large marquee housed exhibits from numerous local Christian organizations.

One year a mission called “Fellowship Afloat” had a stand there. The organizers explained that the purpose of the mission was to give basic sailing skills to young boys and girls as well as Christian teaching.

On returning to work the following Monday one of my colleagues came in to the office and exclaimed in a loud voice so that everyone could hear, “Does anyone want a yacht?”. Apparently he took up sailing with very little knowledge and had experienced all sorts of problems including the yacht coming adrift at Southend (eventually finding it miles up river) and several times getting stuck on sand banks. The last straw was getting it firmly grounded on Mersea Island.

I immediately thought of “Fellowship Afloat” and suggested he gave it to them. This he did, and for years many young people enjoyed sailing her, and hopefully they became Christians too.