A large number of individuals over the years have freely given their time toward the recovery and recording of archaeology from the Lofts Farm Project.  I am also very pleased to acknowledge the support of several professionals  - be they archaeologists, farmers or quarry staff.

The following are extracts from the previously published Interim Reports.

1978-79 Interim 

We are grateful to the gravel company, Contractors Aggregates, and the farmers, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Rees, for their permission to carry out our work on the site.

The Essex County Council archaeological section have provided invaluable help in all aspects of the work. This included finance for machine stripping on the moat excavation, the loan of tools and equipment, and useful advice during the fieldwork and post-excavation work.

Moat Site Interim

A special thanks is due to M.A.G. members who put in more than one day on the site, Dave and Jackie Gustard, Tony Froom, Malcolm and Frances Billinge, Pauline and Geoffrey Clark, Susan Matten, Betty Parker, Brian Semmonds (Wickford) Janet and David Eacersall, Pauline and David Neild, and to John Bailey (Photographs) Richard Hansen (Finds) and Patricia Ryan for the documentary research.

1979-80 Interim

The Group wishes to thank Contractors Aggregates for their co-operation and permission to work on the land and also their donation towards the costs of the Project. We are also indebted to Mr. Rees of Little Braxted Hall for allowing us to keep the excavation trench open throughout the year and available at weekends. The author would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Hughes of Lofts Farm for allowing easy access for tools and equipment to the excavation. A grant to pay for topsoil stripping was awarded by Maldon District Council, who also assisted by loaning us surveying equipment. Through the period Essex County Council - Archaeological Section have given invaluable advice and practical help, particularly the assistance of six full-time archaeologists made possible by a County Council grant.

1981-83 Interim

Again we are indebted to Mr. Rees who allowed us to excavated at the centre of a cultivated field prior to the gravel extraction, and also to Contractors Aggregates who have provided assistance to us wherever possible. The Increase In discoveries has meant a greater need for expert assistance and advice. This has been freely provided by The Essex County Council Archaeological Section, Colchester & Essex Museum, and Stephen Greep of Verulamium Museum. We are grateful for the financial help given to us, during this period, by the following:

Maldon District Council, Essex County Council and Lloyds Bank plc.

None of these discoveries would have been made had it not been for the hours or toil put in by many members and friends of the Group. These Include: David & Richard Jennings, Gillea Crossley, Elaine Brown, Stephen Nunn, Brian Chinnery, Geof and Pauline Clark, W.J.R. Clark, Anna Cronin, Betty Watts, Philip Brown, Lesley Bermingham, Pat Ryan, Betty Andrews, Mark Harvey, Allen Wyatt, Len Sargent, Colin Langmead, Bob Adams, Kelvin Adkins, Rowland Flook. David Hurd, Mike Stitchbury, Mark Billage, Dave Gustard, Brian Milton, Tony Doe.

Doug Renton, worked full time on the site for several weeks. He is responsible for the clarification of important features which would otherwise have been lost. The metal detecting, site observation, recording and excavation carried out by Pat Adkins also made a significant contribution to our knowledge. Those who have played important parts in the post excavation work include: Garth Groombridge, Tony Froom, Mike Crellin, Martin O'Connor, Eric Doherty.

1984-85 Interim

The involvement of Essex County Council in the Project is a very welcome advantage and I am indebted to director Nigel Brown for providing the basis of this Interim Report. Thanks are again due to Contractors Aggregates whose continued co-operation has been vital to our success. Members and friends who have assisted on site during the past two years include:- Pat and Kelvin Adkins, Elaine Brown, Garth Groombridge, Len Sargent, Tony Doe, Allen Wyatt, Lyn Everett, Stephen Nunn, W.J.R.Clark, Doug Renton, David Philpot, David Jennings, Anna Cronin, Phil Gollin, Patricia Ryan, Ted Meriden, Rachel and Lois Dawson, Mel Kingsley, Brian Chinnery, Helen Blackshaw, Benoit Touffu and Geoff Clark. It is with much sadness that I record the death, on site, of dear friend and M.A.G. member, Doug Renton. Doug took his interest seriously and put himself out to become a better archaeologist by both study and practical experience alongside the professionals. He will long be missed as a friend and helper and his dedication and example will always be remembered by those who knew him.