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Following the sorting and packaging of all Lofts Farm Project finds in 1996 a comprehensive archive was created for presentation on a CDROM. This first CD contained scans of all site notebook pages, all slide photographs, all site drawings along with copies of all site interim reports. The site notebook scans were also interlinked with context numbers and descriptions.

The first structure of the presentation was setup using Microsoft Frontpage software. Most of the changes since have been manually added with extensive use the image viewer IrfanView. The main problem with the first CD was it's actual capacity. All images had to be of the very lowest acceptable resolution. Notebooks were readable but photographs lost a lot of detail.

In 2006 I was able scan all slides at a much better resolution and had the ability to write to DVDs which have a much greater capacity. The high resolution slide images were then added to my archive data which just fitted thus a newer DVD version was created.

I was concerned that my notebooks' low resolution rendering should be improved so I rescanned all the notebooks. There was no room for the new scans on the last Lofts DVD so I have now created this CD for the Notebook HR scans. I added a repeat of the site drawings and interims so this CD could stand alone all be it without context linking and site photographs.

In 2015 I was invited to enter an international archaeological video competition and thanks to the support and skills of a friend I was able to put in an entry. The video has been included on this CD and can be viewed on THIS PAGE.

This CD size version of the Lofts Notebook HR data was collated in May 2020.

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