My Grandmother Clara

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From an email to Lynn Davies March 2010

Walter and Clara Brown

Clara is undoubtedly my paternal grandmother, whose maiden name was Looker. I also know where she lived in Mildenhall because it is where my late father was born.

Clara and her husband, Walter James Brown, moved a few miles away to Aldbourne, where they are both laid to rest in the church graveyard right next to the house they lived in. I was born in the house next door to them (in 1925) on the village green, but now live in Suffolk.

I still hold precious memories of my grandparents who were kind country folk. Granddad was a much respected farrier, who was employed in Lambourne and Aldbourne by race horse owners. Clara loved cats and chickens, a trait I must have inherited from her!

She was also an avid wine maker, a hobby which I dabbled in before wine became so available in the supermarkets, not that I have ever seen any member of our family the worse for drink!