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LFD Introduction

The purpose of this section of the archive is to record the original LFD site notes, lists of the finds and finds notes made by Patricia Ryan. The finds correspond to three phases of work - the moat excavation, field walking and salvaging from the moat area as the topsoil was being stripped by the gravel company.

The Moat excavation was the first MAG Lofts Farm excavation trench and is described in an Interim Report published in 1978. The trench was given a designation of 'a' and excavation context numbers prefixed by LFD78a - e.g. LFD78a12. This was the only time on the Lofts Project when a trench was given a letter designation. Original moat excavation site plans seem to be missing at the time of writing - 10 February 2003

The LFD field walking only covered 300 square metres in a field measuring over 3000. Consequently we did not discover any new LFD features but did produce some interesting finds which help in the interpretation of the site as a whole.

The field was monitored as the gravel contractors removed the topsoil. A new range of context numbers was allocated starting at LFD51. This 1979 work is covered by Lofts notebook NB1.



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LFD Context


Notes Finds
78+ Un-stratified finds from LFD field - LFD78+
78a+ Un-stratified finds from moat excavation area - LFDa+
78a1 Test hole Moat notes LFDa1
78a2 Possible small pit (pea grit gravel. ?) Visible after cleaning down onto orange brick earth. Moat notes LFDa2
78a3 Test hole after 30 cm from surface. orange brick earth. Moat notes LFDa3
78a4 Bottom of very small & shallow pit (root hole?). Soft brick earth in hard brick earth. Moat notes LFDa4
78a5 Bottom of test pit possible feature right at bottom. Very light brick earth. Moat notes LFDa5
- LFDa6, LFDa7, LFDa8, LFDa9, LFDa10 context unallocated - -
78a11 Surface cleaning Moat notes LFDa11
78a12 Surface cleaning Moat notes LFDa12
78a13 Brick earth gulley appearing in patches of gravel. NW corner of square. Moat notes LFDa13
78a14 Large feature showing as dark patch in brick earth. Ditch?. Moat notes LFDa14
78a14 Dark loamier layer at top Moat notes  
78a15 Surface cleaning Moat notes LFDa15
78a16 Surface cleaning at 2nd level Moat notes LFDa16  
78a17 Dark patch just showing after sweeping. Loamy brickearth in brickearth. South strip Moat notes LFDa17
78a18 Damp dark patch showing in SW corner. Tree roots? but quite definite Moat notes LFDa18
78a19 Second surface clean of North strip. Moat notes LFDa19
78a20 Soft patch to south of test pit. Loam in brick earth. Moat notes LFDa20
78a21 Stony layer with some tile. Only noticed as time came to finish. Moat notes LFDa21
78a22 Small pit W of square. Loose brick earth in brick earth. Moat notes LFDa22
78a23 Small pit N of square. Loose brick earth in brick earth. Moat notes LFDa23
78a24 Machine dug top of 'moat' Moat notes LFDa24
78a25 Hand dug and cleaning up the bottom of 'moat' butt end Moat notes LFDa25
79_51 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_51 LFD79_51
79_52 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_52 LFD79_52
79_53 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_53 LFD79_53
79_55 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_55 LFD79_55
79_56 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_56 LFD79_56
79_57 Context described in Lofts Notebook NBD1 79_57 LFD79_57
fw_A1 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A1 LFDfwA1
fw_A2 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A2 LFDfwA2
fw_A3 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A3 LFDfwA3
fw_A4 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A4 LFDfwA4
fw_A5 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A5 LFDfwA5
fw_A6 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A6 LFDfwA6
fw_A7 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A7 LFDfwA7
fw_A8 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A8 LFDfwA8
fw_A9 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A9 LFDfwA9
fw_A10 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_A10 LFDfwA10
fw_B1 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_B1 LFDfwB1
fw_B2 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_B2 LFDfwB2
fw_B3 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_B3 LFDfwB3
fw_B4 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_B4 LFDfwB4
fw_B5 Fieldwalking 20x20 metre square fw_B5 LFDfwB5

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