Brown & Goddard Family Tree

by Paul N Brown

Creating a Family Tree is a good way to understand one's origins but things are rarely that simple! I have been using GenoPro software which I find easy to use and provides various means of displaying families. I recommend that you download the latest free version of GenoPro and then you will be able to see and manipulate the files I have populated. Probably the best way is to view my GenoPro Html report pages which will give more information about the product.

My Brown - Goddard file now records 108 individuals. It includes some people who may not be directly linked to my family line. There are still plenty of lines to progress and would be pleased to hear of any errors or additions I could make. Email me

Paul N Brown Email Image

Apart from the extra work on the tracing there is also plenty to do on this Web presentation side.

The families and individuals can be browsed by clicking here. The report pages will also give you the option to download the source file.

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