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by Paul N Brown

Paul N Brown in 1999

There are now many resources available online to the family researcher. These include maps sites, search engines and software suppliers as well as a host of out and out genealogy sites.

On this page I list some of the sites and software that I have used in collecting and displaying the Goddard - Brown Family History.

genealogy Web Sites

Genealogy - The Complete Recource Guide

This site gives a good introduction to the subject and also a comprehensive list of useful links.

This site offers so many ways to search for ancestors it takes a little while to get used to it. However, with its 300 million names to search, I did most of my research here. You can have full access in a free two week trial but be careful to remember before you time is up or it could cost you a years subscription.

This Latter Day Saints site has had a huge database freely available for searching for many years.

genealogy Software

I found this very useful - for family trees and presenting reports. I have used the free version throughout.

Online Maps

Excellent for seeing street and road names over 100 years ago

This really is a good free service. View detailed aerial photos and see how places are right now. -

Two modern map sites I use regularly.

Other Software

A brilliant free picture viewer which offers a great deal more to the experienced user.

Wiltshire genealogy Sites

moonrakers logo
Genealogy and Wiltshire
Wiltshire Genealogy Links
Wiltshire Family History Society

I have not used any of these sites but there seems to be lots on offer and worthy of further research. I am particularly interested in the Wiltshire Friendly Society which may well provide some details for the Browns and Goddards.

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