A Brown & Goddard Family History

by Paul N Brown

Paul N Brown in 1999

My family history primarily involves the surnames Brown and Goddard in Wiltshire , England, UK.

Blood-line Surnames

Brown, Goddard, Lowe, Veitch, Looker, Pinchen, Pinchin

Associated Surnames

Odey, Caswell, Cramborn, Crambourne, Wise, Perret, Bolter, Holmes, Asher & Moore

Main Placenames

Beechingstoke, Hilcott, West Lavington, Market Lavington, Fiddington, Easterton, Broad Street, Bottlesford, North Newnton, Woodborough, Devizes, Pewsey, Mildenhall and Aldbourne.

My interest started in the 1970's when it was necessary to travel to London to access Births, Deaths and Marriage Indexes and Census microfilms. Now, thanks to the ease of Internet searching in the 21st century, there are numerous new leads to investigate. A Family Bible was passed onto me by my Grandmother, Effie Mary Brown, after my Grandfather, Clifford Walter Brown died in 1982.


This is very much an incomplete and ongoing project and I would be delighted to hear from anyone else who has an interest in any of the family names and places mentioned.

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To Do List
This is an initial overview which I hope will be elaborated on as time goes by.
Nurse Ellen Brown - Click to see whole picture

Goddard not Brown!

My surname should really be Goddard. This is because my great great grandmother Ellen Brown was unmarried when Walter James Goddard Brown was born on 24th August 1872.

Walter was her second son, the first being Thomas Goddard Brown who was born in Pancras, London in 1871.

Name List

The following list of people below will eventually link to pages dedicated to those particular individuals. Direct blood-line ancestors are followed by indirect names.

  • John Goddard (1800-1878) born Easterton - Labourer - lived at Fiddington
  • Mary Goddard - nie ???? (1886-1852) born West Lavington
  • Thomas Goddard (1828-1913) born West Lavington - Boot & shoe maker - Bottlesford
  • Joseph Brown (1785-185?) - born Beechingstoke - Shepherd - Beechingstoke
  • Elizabeth Brown nie Pinchin (1801-185?) - born Beechingstoke
  • Ellen Goddard nie Brown (1841-1920) - born Beechingstoke - Nurse
  • Walter James Goddard Brown (1872-1948) born North Newnton - Blacksmith Jouneyman - Aldbourne
  • Clara Mary Looker (1873-1952) born Mildenhall
  • Clifford Walter Brown (1897-1982) - born Mildenhall - Shop keeper Aldbourne
  • Effie Mary Brown nie Vietch (1900-1996) - Aldbourne & Chelmsford
  • Walter John Brown (1925-) - born Aldbourne - Draghtsman (Electronics) - Chelmsford & Colchester
  • Paul Nicholas Brown (1947-) - born Marlborough - Chelmsford, Maldon & Llynclys
  • Mary Moore - (1812-188?) born West Lavington
  • Keturah Goddard nie Asher (1819-1896) - born Lambourne, Berks.
  • Thomas Goddard Brown (1871-19??) born Pancras - Currier Leath - Westbury
  • Charles Cecil Brown (1899-1976) born Aldbourne -
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