William Veitch at Rayne Railway Station

by Paul N Brown

William Veitch was born in 1888 and arrived in Burnham with his Coastguard father's family in 1904.

He became a relieving Railway Booking Clerk which meant he travelled to various stations to work. I do not know how often he went to Rayne where the photograph was taken. William migrated to Canada in 1919?, married and had four children.

The distinctive hand writing on the left and bottom right of the picture is Effie's (William's youngest sister). Since she first went to school in Burnham it may where she aquired the writing style.

I would be delighted to hear from anyone who might be able to put names to the other Railway staff in the picture below. -

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  1. William Veitch - Migrated to Canada, married and had four children
  2. Rayne Railway Station Staff - Names unknown

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