Thomas Goddard (1828-1913)

Thomas Goddard - Born 1828 at West Lavington - (Probably White Street)

Thomas Goddard

Father - John Goddard b1800-1798 aged 28-30?
Mother - Mary Goddard b 1784-1786 aged 44-46?

1841 Census
Age 13 - White St., West Lavington - with parents

1851 Census
Thomas Age 22 at 24 Pewsey (apparently between Raffin and Swan) , Lodger with James Allen (41) (Carpenter) family, Thomas has become a Cordwainer
John & Mary are now recorded at Fiddington , West Lavington, living next door to a Shoemaker - John & Eliz Bolter
Hilcott Cordwainer was William(23) & Anna(27) Sawyer - David Goddard 3 houses away
In Pewsey shoe maker Maurice Nash at no. 76

1852 Marriage
Thomas Age 24 Jul-Sep. Reg. Devizes 5a145 Marries Keturah Asher Age 31 (b1821 - Lambourn, Berks)

1861 Census
Thomas Age 32 - Boot & Shoe shop Hilcott now with wife Keturah Aged 40
Very near George & Elizabeth Razey. Future sister-in-law (Ellen Brown) 3 houses away
Next door to Blacksmith/Journeyman William(50) & Jane More(48) + Sarah(13), Henry(11), Martha(8), George Moore (1) & John Hailstone (17) nephew- possible relations to Mary Moore now living with John Goddard - Thomas' father

1870 - Must have been very friendly with Ellen Brown who was to give birth to Thomas Goddard Brown in 1871.

1871 Census
Thomas Age 42 - 67 cottage Bottlesford North Newnton - wife Keturah 48 - not sure if this is same cottage as Hilcott
Lots of others born at Hilcott & Beechingstoke
Still Moores next door but Jane is now widow + Emily Moore (son's daughter-in-law)
1871 Ellen Brown Age 29 - With sister Hannah's family at Beechingstoke must have been heavily pregnant at time of census

1871 - Thomas's first son Thomas Goddard Brown born to Ellen Brown in Pancras, London

1872 - Walter James Goddard Brown born to Ellen Brown in North Newnton - Registered - Pewsey

1871-1881 Ellen's sister and George Odey family move to Bottlesford from Broad Street Beechingstoke

Thomas was a Special Constable in Hilcott and I have inherited his special Victorian painted trunchen.
Hilcott Trunchen - click to enlarge

1881 Census
Thomas Age 52 - Bottlesford - wife Keturah Age 60
Thomas (9) and Walter James (8) staying 2 doors away with George & Eliza Razey (nephews) - Next to them another Ellen sister Hannah.
In census Ellen Brown is a Night nurse at St Georges Hospital - London

1891 Census
Thomas Age 62 - Bottlesford - wife Keturah Age 70 - Thomas still shows as Boot Maker
Now have sister-in-law, widow - Priscilla Goleman - should be Coleman staying with them

1896 - 27th May - Thomas Goddards wife Keturah dies at Bottlesford aged 77 - Chronic Bronchitis Emphysema Anasarca 2 months - Thomas is shown as Master Shoemaker

1896 - Jul-Sept - Thomas Goddard marries Ellen Brown - Registered at Hungerford

1901 Census
Thomas Age 72 - Bottlesford - now as Retired Boot Maker - new wife Ellen Age 58
Walter J Brown - visitor Age 6
George & Eliza Razey still next door

Thomas and Ellen at home - click to enlarge
Left is my only photograph of Thomas and Ellen Goddard. Presumably taken around 1907and understood to be outside their house in Bottlesford.

I think the lad on the bicycle is most likely to be their first grandson Walter James Brown - son of Thomas Goddard Brown. In fact the same grandson that was staying with them on the night of the 1901 census - aged 6.
Bottlesford? - click to enlarge

To the right is a photograph which my Grandparents believed to have been taken at Bottlesford. I have not yet investigated if this is true or if the cottage in the background is related to our family story.

1913 - 30th November
Thomas Goddard died aged 85 years

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